King Makai "Masher" Pet


Price: 1,000 Dragon Crystals
Level: 1
Description: Masher, King of the Makai! Wearing the skull of a former monarch as a crown, it proclaims itself as King!

Masher whispers for you to come closer - it would like to offer you a "Deal".

Will you grant its desire? Will you accept the Deal?

  • This item was on sale for 750 Dragon Crystals from 10th of January, 2024 until 7th of February, 2024.
  • You may only have one of this item.

King of the Makais
I'm Masher, king of all Makai! (Self proclaimed)

King Masher's Quests!

Who are you?
I'm Masher! Great King of all Makai!

Since you took a pledge of servitude towards your royal highness, the great King Masher. I can offer you, my loyal subject, ample reward in the form of deals.

If you are willing to accept them, put in the work, and prove yourself as a worthy subject, that is.

*Evil Grin*

King's Masher Deal Quests
King's Masher Main Quests
- To Serve a King
- King Makai Core Essence

King Masher's Farming Quests
Hello, friend!
- Essence of Nulgath: Defeated Makais
- Makai Essence: Core Essence
- Makai Essence: Royal Deal
- Contract of Nulgath: The Lucky Deal Quest

How do I obtain Diamonds of Nulgath?
To obtain Diamonds of Nulgath, Dark Crystal Shards and alternative methods of obtaining Contracts of Nulgath. You must find the Wasteland Dealers, in the Fiend Lands. Skew, Crag and bamboozle are the main dealers of the region

(You must complete Nulgath Part 2 Main Questline to access Skew's and the dealers quests.)

- The King Masher's Quest Reward Preview Shop

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