King Sneed (Cutscene)


King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): NO! Sneed will never give you any of his precious boxes!!!
Hero: Yes you… Wait… What?
Hero: I don't want your boxes. I want the Elvenstone.
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): Elfystone? Sneed does not even know what that is!
Hero: It's a small rock that… Listen. Where do you put the things that were IN the boxes?
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): The junk? We dump it all out over the edge into the junkyard.
Hero: So you just want the boxes?
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): Boxes. Crates. Chests. Containers. Sometimes bags. Mostly boxes…
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): AND YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY!
Hero: Can I… Have something from your junkyard?
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): Oh, sure! Why you don't just say so?
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): Sneed was looking for way to get rid of that it anyway.
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): You go down and take whatever you want.
King Sneed (Sneevil Leader): Just leave King Sneed's precious boxes alone!

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