Kiss Dara


Dara (Fiendstress): Oh, mysterious traveler… Would you give me a kiss?
Hero (Traveler): A what?
Dara (Fiendstress): I promise I won't bite.
Hero (Traveler): Wait. Who are you? What are you?
Dara (Fiendstress): Anything you want me to be.
Hero (Traveler): Soooo… You're a shapeshifter?
Dara (Fiendstress): Oh, naive traveler…
Dara (Fiendstress): Now, you promised me a kiss…
Hero (Traveler): I don't even know your name!
Dara (Fiendstress): I'll tell you my name if you give me a little kiss.
Hero: No! I'm not falling for this trap…
Dara (Fiendstress): You're so cruel, Traveler!
Dara (Fiendstress): How dare you break my little lonely heart….!?
Hero (Traveler): …Fine.
Hero (Traveler): «Scene: <Hero> blows Dara a kiss.»
Hero (Traveler):
Hero (Traveler): What was That?
Dara (Fiendstress): Oh, dear. My ex-boyfiend is so jealous.
Hero (Traveler): You mean your ex-boyfriend?
Dara (Fiendstress): No… I meant ex-boyFIEND.
Dara (Fiendstress): Well, I guess our little tryst is over. I will remember you fondly.
Hero (Traveler): What?!
Dara (Fiendstress): Mmmhm. This is what they call a "one knight stand".
Hero (Traveler): But… I'm not a Knight! I'm a <Class>!

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