Kord's Introduction


Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Excellent work on slaying that dragonling.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): We haven't officially met yet. I'm Kord, Galanoth's second in command.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): He is our leader but the day to day operations of keeping the DragonSlayer camp running fall to me.
Hero: Galanoth seems pretty intense.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): He has good reason to be. Years of hunting down dragon after dragon, they have all lead here to Ashfall and to Dragonlord Talyn.
Hero: Dragonlord Talyn?
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Dragonlords are a special breed of warrior who bind themselves to a dragon with the power of a Dragon Amulet.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Together, the Dragonlord and their dragon fight side by side as one becoming more than the sum of their parts…
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): … as if dragons weren't dangerous enough on their own.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Talyn's dragon was just slain by one of the other DragonSlayers in single combat but he gave his life to do it.
Hero: That's a terrible sacrifice but it's good news for the DragonSlayers, right?
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Maybe. Dragonlord Talyn has bigger plans. I'm just not sure how we fit into them yet.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Whatever his plans are, they aren't good.
Hero: Maybe I can help.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): I'm glad you said that. You just came from Doomwood, right?
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): So you must be pretty good at slaying undead.
Hero: I could teach classes on it.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): The undead keep pouring out of Doomwood and ending up in our camp.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): They stumble into the lava but that just makes them more dangerous.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Can you slay a bunch of them, then use their skulls to set up a magical wards around the camp?
Hero: I'm on it.

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