Krave Wants Your Souls


Hero: Ugh… this hunk of rotting meat is certainly (hrrk) aged.
Hero: AND extra-tender. I hope Gluttonia appreciates the effort I'm making here.
Krave (Soul Hunter): My, what a fine batch of souls you've gathered.
Hero: Uhh… thanks?
Krave (Soul Hunter): I'll be taking those now.
Hero: WHAT?!
Hero: The heck you will!
Krave (Soul Hunter): Hand them over without a fight and I'll let you live.
Hero: Man, are you serious? I JUST told someone I wasn't gonna kill you!
Krave (Soul Hunter): That promise shall remain unbroken. It is I who will kill YOU!
Hero: Come on, I don't want to fight you, dude.
Krave (Soul Hunter): Then you can DIE!

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