KS Hero

Location: Weapon - Founder's Sanctuary
Note: Must have backed the AQ3D Kickstarter by pledging $10 USD or more in order to access this shop.

Name Level Price
Weapon.png Elite Dragon Blade awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Weapon.png Berserker Sword awesomesmall.png 2 1 Gold
Transformation.png Shadow Wolf Paw legendarysmall.png 1 1 Gold
Cape.png Capestarter awesomesmall.png 1 1 Gold
Armor.png Founder Warrior legendarysmall.png 1 0 Gold
Armor.png Founder Mage legendarysmall.png 1 0 Gold
Armor.png Founder Rogue epicsmall.png 1 0 Gold
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