Lauda's Input


Hero: Hi there! I'm asking people of Battleon a question about-
Lauda: SHHHHH! You'll scare the fish away.
Hero: (whispering) Oops. I'm sorry.
Lauda: (whispering) No worries mate. What can I do for you?
Hero: (whispering) Well the Battleon Museum should be opening soon.
Lauda: (whispering) That's great, but what does that have to do with me?
Hero: (whispering) Danicka, the new curator was wondering what everyone wanted its first exhibit to be?
Lauda: (whispering) You don't say. Lore has so many amazing places to choose from.
Lauda: SHHHHH! (whispering) Fishing here.
Hero: (whispering) Right, right. I got excited.
Lauda: (whispering) Now that I think on it, I've always been fond of Greenguard.
Hero: (whispering) I've heard that a lot. What attracts you to Greenguard? The vistas? The wonders? The hidden secrets?
Lauda: (whispering) I'm from there, actually. I was hatched, just outside of Barrow Drop.
Hero: (whispering) So it's familiar place for-
Hero: I'm sorry, I think I misheard you. Did you mean you were BORN near Barrow Drop?
Lauda: (whispering) I said what I said.
Hero: (whispering) … Riiight ….
Hero: (whispering) Vote for Greenguard… check.
Lauda: (whispering) Have a great day.

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