Lava Run Cutscene


Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): <hero>, I could use your help.
Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): I've discovered some new lava flows running through the volcano!

Hero: Well, yeah. It's a volcano.

Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): These are different. I think they were once used by the magmarran empire!

Hero: Magmarran empire?

Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): They were a race of humanoids who live inside lava flows like this one .
Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): We know very little about them but my research says we might find some relics inside this lava run!
Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): The only problem is the lava hydra and all the dravir…

Hero: Ya, that can…
Hero: Did you say lava hydra?!

Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): That's what I'm calling it. It's got three heads and lives in lava.
Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): One side of the run is pretty straight forward. Just lots of Dravir and falling stalactites

Hero: … Sure. Straight forward…

Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): The harder side of the run is guarded by the lava hydra.
Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): You can only kill it by attacking its exposed heart.
Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): The heart will uncover itself at random intervals, that's when you need to attack it.

Hero: I might need to bring along friends for this one.

Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): Not a bad idea.
Ifu (DragonSlayer Reseacher): You can keep all the relics that you find, just let me study the, ok?

Hero: I'm on it!

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