Legendary Swift Aqua Soldier Cape

Location: Atlantean Legendary Armaments - Atlantis (Location)
Price: N/A

Sellback: 50 Gold
Level: 42
Power: Base: 900 (+0), Max: 940 (+40)
Craft Time: 2 Hours
Speed Up: 250 Dragon Crystals
Description: Legendary lost trasure of Atlantis. This cape has been lost to the King' Royal Guard for year, making it almost impossible to provide new soldiers with this cape protection. You not only somehow found it, but also upgraded it with the most exquisite Royal cloth.

This version of the cape has been further enchanted with Water Elf magic, granting a vast increase on your speed and agility.

In you possession you now have a fully upgraded legendary lost armement of Atlantis.

Set Piece: Aqua Soldier Set

Type Bonus (Base) Bonus (Max)
Evasion +634 +747
Crit +634 +747
Haste +906 +1,066

Note: This item can be infused to +40. Check Item Infusion for more information.

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