Little Dread's Conversation


Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): OK, so you're not a werewolf.
Hero: How do you know?
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): This was a test. If you were a Lycan, you would have wolfed out in battle to get the edge.
Hero: Wow. Boog just had me drink something with silver in it.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): I'm a Dread Hood. If you're a werewolf, you're not drinking anything I give you.
Hero: What's a Dread Hood?
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): The Dread Riding Hoods are a group of hunters, like me, who spend their lives fighting the werewolf menace.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): Dread Hoods are usually nomads.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): We ride into a town with a werewolf problem, help them take care of it, then ride off to the next town.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): I'm the only one who stays in one place… the only one crazy enough to step up shop here in Darkovia… Lycan central.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): My name is Ximena, but everyone here calls me Little Dread.
Hero: I'm <hero>.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): The one who has been helping ShadowSlayer W in Darkhurst, right? I've heard about you.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): What brings you to Darkovia Forest this close to the Blood Moon?
Hero: I've heard that there's a Cure for vampire and werewolf bites here… somewhere.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): Everyone has heard of that. Nobody's ever seen it. It's just wishful thinking.
Hero: There's a boy in town, Wes, that's been bitten by both. I have to try.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): Anne and Stephen's kid? I know him. That's rough.
Hero: It gets worse. Stephen was just turned into a ghoul in the last wave of their war.
Hero: I'd appreciate any help you can give me. I don't have much to work with.
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): OK. I inherited a bunch of old journals. I'll check them for any mention of The Cure…
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): But you have to pick up my slack while I'm reading. Deal?
Hero: Just tell me what to do!
Little Dread (Werewolf Hunter): First I'm going to need you to gather Wolfsbane for me…

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