Lord Anemis Encounter


Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): MORTAL! Do you know the punishment for offending a noble of our bloodline?
Hero: No, but I'm sure you're about to tell me.
Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): Insolent fool! I am Lord Anemis, commander of the vampire forces claiming this town.
Hero: Stand aside. I'm just looking for a missing kid.
Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): That little whelp that ran at me with a sword?
Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): He's been dealth with.
BloodKnight (Vampire Knight): My lord, I was trying to tell you… he slipped away.
Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): Irrelevant. When the vampires fulfill the prophecy written in the Book of Darkov, we will rule over ALL OF YOU.
Hero: There's a hooded guy in the tavern who would love to take a look at that book.
Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): Haha! The Book of Darkov is not for the eyes of cattle.
Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): Come, outsider… test your might against a true vampire.
Lord Anemis (Vampire Noble): I will teach you your place, and deliver our Prince your head as a wedding gift.

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