Lord Sekt

Immortal Pharaoh of the Sandsea
Bow before the Sekt, the all-powerful, immortal Pharaoh of the Sandsea…

Seriously, I order you to bow!

If you have questions, then be quick. My time is very valuable… however infinite it may be.
- The Reign of Lord Sekt
- Zhoom's Bow

Navigate the Djinn's Labyrinth
Have you forgotten what I said already? Typical…

When you're inside, be on the lookout for FOUR CRYSTALS, one RED, one YELLOW, one GREEN, and one BLUE.

Knowing what colors to look for will help you find your way…

Keeper of Death Quests
You, Zhoom, and I barely prevailed in our fight against Skorpienne. One would wonder how you would manage without our help…

If you're bold enough, return to the Great Pyramid to relive that fight. It might be worth your while.
- The Keeper of Death: Reprisal
- Skorpienne's Crystals: Dust Collection
- Skorpienne Raid: Deathly Keeper
- Skorpienne Raid: Crystal Fragments
- Skorpienne Raid: Hollowed Champions

- Skorpienne Wardrobe Crafting
- Hollowed Champion Crafting


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