Lord Sekt Confronts Skorpienne


Lord Sekt: Enough games, Skorpienne. Grant my wish this instant!
Skorpienne (Keeper of Death): My, my, my… it's so amusing to watch you bluster as if you have any leverage on the matter.
Lord Sekt Need I remind you, that your precious lamp is useless until I make my wish…
Lord Sekt I am more than prepared to let that wish languish unused for all of eternity just to spite you!
Skorpienne: Now that is quite the threat… expect…
Lord Sekt Except what?
Skorpienne: If I recall, your immortality has quite the unique quirk to it.
Skorpienne: Let's see… How did you phrase your wish long ago? It was something along the lines of…
Skorpienne: Reigning for all eternity… within a temple of your own making…
Lord Sekt You took my words too literally! I never… meant…
Lord Sekt Uuuh…ugh…
Skorpienne: My dear, you do not look well… Why, whatever could be that matter?
Skorpienne: Oh, it just occurred to me… We are not in your temple, are we?
Skorpienne: Judging by your anguish, one would have to wonder just how much time is left in your reign… Minutes? Seconds?
Skorpienne: Has it dawned on you yet, God-King? I didn't invite you here to grant your silly wish.
Skorpienne: No… I brought you here to watch you die.
Skorpienne: Ah, <Hero>, so good of you to make it! Now we have an audience for this grand spectacle: The Death of a God-King.

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