Lord Sekt's Deal


Lord Sekt: My, my… You're an intriguing one.
Hero: What can I say?
Hero: You're not the only one who's immortal.
Lord Sekt: Is that so?
Lord Sekt: Hmm… You'll do nicely.
Lord Sekt: You've come for my help in finding the lamp, correct?
Lord Sekt: Well, today is just your lucky day!
Lord Sekt: You'll really help me find the lamp?
Lord Sekt: Yes, but on one condition…
Lord Sekt: I have a problem that needs to be addressed: Zhoom and his merry band of rebels.
Hero: I've run into them at Bastion.
Lord Sekt: Then you know the menace they pose.
Lord Sekt: They must be dealt with swiftly.
Lord Sekt: Bring me proof that you have defeated the rebels and I'll lead you to the lamp.
Hero: What kind of proof?
Lord Sekt: Zhoom's bow… An heirloom passed down along his family's history.
Lord Sekt: The only way that bow would leave his side is if it were taken from his cold dead hands…
Lord Sekt: Returning with the bow is how I'll know you dealt with the matter definitively.
Lord Sekt: When that's done, I'll guide you toward finding the lamp.
Lord Sekt: Do we have a deal?
Hero: I guess I have no choice but to say yes.
Lord Sekt: Good answer.

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