Lychimera Defeated


Hooper (Miller): You see? YOU SEE?! I'M NOT CRAZY!
Hero: Yeah, I saw alright. What was that thing?
Hooper (Miller): I told you… a Lychimera.
Hooper (Miller): Legs of a werewolf, the chest of a lycan and the head of a wolf… Remember?
Hero: Oooohhh. I get it now.
Hooper (Miller): I've heard one theory that it was an experiment by Lycan sorcerers to make a war creature.
Hooper (Miller): Some people say it's just a severe allergy to lycanthropy caused by chemicals they put in the water.
Hero: That's a pretty severe allergy.
Hooper (Miller): I've heard another rumor that a small percentage of the population just has this reaction.
Hooper (Miller): Every time they get bitten by a werewolf they just get more and more wolf.
Hooper (Miller): They're not werewolves they are MOREwolves!
Hooper (Miller): Also, I've heard that they have a base set up ON THE MOON!
Hero: OK, ok, ok… the point is, it's real and you can prove it.
Hero: Now, please… tell me what you know about the cure.
Hooper (Miller): Of course! There's a secret cave here in Darkovia Forest.
Hooper (Miller): I know that The Cure is in there but I've never but I've never been able to get to it.
Hooper (Miller): Maybe you'll have more luck. Here's a map I promised you.
Hooper (Miller): Good luck saving that boy. I hope he makes it.
Hero: Thanks, Hooper.

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