Maggot Can Help


Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): Hey <Hero>! Over here!
Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): See? I told you we'd find someone who can help!
Hero: Hey, there! Mister, uh…
Maggot: Hmm. Why don't you call me… Maggot.
Hero: Maggot. Right…
Hero: Listen, there's a particular soul in here that I'm trying to find.
Hero: Well. More of a fragment of a soul, I guess.
Hero: It belonged to one of Nulgath's former champions… Dage the Evil.
Hero: I was hoping you might know where it is.
Maggot: Yes, yes. I know where THAT soul is kept.
Maggot: EVERYONE knows where THAT soul is kept.
Hero: That sounds promising…
Hero: So you'll help me? You can tell me where to find it?
Maggot: A favor? Yes. That, i can do.
Maggot: But first, you must do something for me.

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