Magic Weaponsmith?


Hero: Cysero, I'm confused. Are you a weaponsmith or a mage?
Cysero: Both!
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): See, there are different kinds of magi.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Some are battle magi, some research the mysteries of magic…
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): … some use magic to heal, to focus the forces of nature, or cheat death…
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): … I like to push the limits of creation with magic.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): So I combine my magical experimentation and my skill at forging new weapons.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): The weapons I sell help defend Lore and fund my experiments! It's win/win all around!
Hero: Wow. That actually makes sense. Maybe you're not as insane as people think.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Maybe. Or maybe you're going nuts too! HAHAHA!
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Sanity is relative… and not very fun.

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