Magical Pumpkin (2)

Helpful Pumpkin
Happy Mogloween! Welcome to the town of Battleon.

What is this place?
Welcome to the town of Battleon. The greatest heroes from all over the world come here to train, learn new classes, and adventure for power, loot, and fame.

This world is constantly growing… sometimes it feels like new things to do appear every week!

My Story?
Wondering what you should do next? Open your main menu and click Adventures to access your story, side quests, challenge fights, and more.

Travel Portal?
The travel portal is amazing! Once activated, you can use the Travel Portal to explore new parts of the world… as long as you are strong enough.

The Town of Battleon is full of shops! A lot of them could use a helping hand from a hero like you… and new ones are busy getting ready for their grand opening as we speak!

Change Class?
Find a class trainer to learn a new class. Once unlocked, you can switch between classes freely.

You're a Guardian!
Wow! Thank you for becoming a defender of our world. I promise to do my best to help you in your adventures.

Location: Battleon Town Square

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