Magma Mines (Cutscene)


Dell (DragonSlayer): Is it true? Did Dragonlord Talyn kill Essa?
Hero: Yes. Kord said he was headed this way.
Dell (DragonSlayer): I haven't seen him but that doesn't mean much. These mines are a maze.
Dell (DragonSlayer): This is an old Dwarven gem mine. Talyn is having his servants gather treasure for a Tribute.
Hero: What happened to the dwarves?
Dell (DragonSlayer): They were gone long before Talyn arrived. Not sure what drove them off.
Dell (DragonSlayer): The people of Brimston were working out how to use the Dwarves' lava powered machines.
Dell (DragonSlayer): But then, the dravir took the village and Talyn put Steelfang in charge of the mines.
Hero: What can you tell me about Steelfang?
Dell (DragonSlayer): He's a drake. They are related to dragons but dragons consider drakes low creatures.
Dell (DragonSlayer): If Dragonlord Talyn put him in charge here, he must have proven his worth.
Hero: Ok. So, what's the plan? Destroy the treasure before Talyn can claim it?
Dell (DragonSlayer): That would be a waste. No…
Dell (DragonSlayer): …We're going to steal this stolen treasure and use it to support the DragonSlayers.
Dell (DragonSlayer): But first we have to stop the Dwarven tech from exploding!
Hero: Wait… the mines are going to BLOW UP!?
Dell (DragonSlayer): Yes. Steelfang cares nothing about the dwarven lava tech. He's been careless with it.
Dell: If the lava engine goes, it takes half of Ashfall with it!
Hero: Don't you think you should have said that first?!
Dell (DragonSlayer): I have problems prioritizing. It's always been an issue ever since I…
Dell (DragonSlayer): Right! Yeah, lava engine first, then backstory.

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