Mail System

Mail system is a feature that allows players to send and receive mail in-game. The interface for it can be found by opening Main Menu and then clicking/tapping on the Mail button. When opened, you will see your mail inbox, a letter icon that opens the Compose Mail interface to write a mail, and a gear icon to open the settings to filter who you can receive mail from.

How to open Mail?

A mail can be opened by clicking/tapping on it in your inbox in the Mail interface. New mail can be identified by a closed blue letter icon to the left of mail's title. When a mail has been opened, the icon will change to an opened green letter.

How to send Mail?

When you have Mail interface open, clicking/tapping on a letter icon on the top left allows you to open the Compose Mail interface to start writing a mail. There are 3 text boxes to enter text to; To: (A name of the player who will receive your mail), Subject: (A title for your mail), and Message: (The text that your mail will consist of). After filling each text box, you can send your mail by clicking/tapping on an arrow icon (Send). Players cannot attach items or currencies (Gold and/or Dragon Crystals) to the mail they send.

How to reply to Mail?

After receiving a mail, open it and click/tap on a letter icon (Reply) in the bottom right to open the Compose Mail interface.

How to delete Mail?

With Mail interface open, clicking/tapping on a trashcan icon to the right of mail's title opens a confirmation prompt to delete the mail. This action cannot be undone and said mail will be gone for good.

How to report Mail?

If the mail you received breaks Artix Entertainment's Terms of Service, you can report it when viewing it by clicking/tapping on a yellow triangle with an explanation mark icon to open the reporting interface.

How to filter Mail?

If you wish to filter who you can receive mail from (Everybody, Friends + Guild, or Nobody), you can click on a gear icon in the top left of the Mail interface to open and then check one of the checkboxes.

Artix Entertainment Developer Team's Mail

Players can occasionally receive mail sent by AE Dev Team which can include attachments. This type of mail is similar to player made mail, but has some differences.

The list of AE Dev Team mail differences:

  • Cannot be replied to.
  • Ignores your mail filter settings, always received.
  • Expires after a certain amount of days if not deleted manually.
  • Can have redeemable rewards attached:
    • Items and currencies (Gold and/or Dragon Crystals).
    • Any unclaimed rewards will be lost when the mail they were included in is deleted.
  • Can be identified by a red AE logo icon.
    • This icon won't change when such mail has been opened or not.
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