Make Your Report


Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Cains says that you took down the dragon Valek by yourself. Impressive.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): There are very few who could face a dragon and live…
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): … much less succeed in slaying the beast. Well done.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): We need more people like you, <hero>.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): We're making you an honorary DragonSlayer.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): To become an avowed DragonSlayer, there are challenges to pass…
Senna (DragonSlayer Quartermaster): But as far as we're concerned, you're one of us now!
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Dragonlord Talyn still plans to awaken the Great Fire Dragon and control it with his Dragon Amulet.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): That monster WILL be stopped, even if it costs the lives of every single DragonSlayer.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Prepare yourself. The real hunt starts soon… DragonSlayer <hero>.
Narrator: COMING NEXT: The Dragons Of Ashfall Part II
Narrator: Until Part II begins… explore Ashfall to find secret challenges.

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