Malakai Servant


Price: N/A (Reward from the 'Hire! Malakai, the Contract Enforcer (Repeatable)' quest)
Level: 1
Description: Malakai's, one of Nulgath's general, the Fiend Native to the Oversoul. The abilities of a being born and raised in the OverSoul realm are second-nature for him. He is known as Nulgath's very first "Contract Enforcer".

This is NOT someone you want to have tracking you down.

"Be sure to read carefully what you sign, Minion…" He says to you on a menacing voice

Specializes in Tracking down Contracts of Nulgath and generating Soul Gems.
Note: You may only have one of this item.

OverSoul Contact Enforcer
I am the Old One's… emissary.
One of his generals.
You may call me Malakai.
I come bearing gifts for your journey!
No, no… There's no contract to sign. For now… I don't even require a piece of your soul… The souls of others on
the other hand…
My wears are well suited for death so they won't come cheap!
Why help you? I simply carry out the commands of
the Old One… he is indeed kind…
the quests you seek
will come later.

Malakai's Servant Quests
I can offer some services for your Minion, Nulgath entrusted by, via a Contract to accompany you on your travels. As a Contract enforcer I can offer you Contracts of Nulgath and Soul Gems. What do you say? Should we help one another?
- Servant of Nulgath: Malakai's Soul Gem Extraction
- Servant of Nulgath: Malakai the Contract Enforcer

Hire! Nulgath Servants
Ahhh interested in hiring more Servants while we travel? Yes of Course I can always help with that for you.
- Hire! Servants Preview Shop
- Hire! Oblivion, the Eternal Servant of Nulgath
- Hire! Malakai, the Contract Enforcer
- Hire! Dread Fiend Servant
- Hire! Infernal Fiend Servant

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