???: Interesting. How did you get here?
Hero: Are you the one weakening the enchantment on Greenguard Forest?
Malek: Yes, I am. My name is Malek.
Hero: Malek Grimsbane? The legendary hero?
Malek: A legendary hero? I'm afraid those days have long past.
Malek: It's just Malek now.
Hero: Whatever you're doing here has thrown Greenguard Forest into chaos.
Hero: I'm here to fix it, but if you try and stop me…
Malek: What's your name, hero?
Hero: I'm (Hero).
Malek: Well, (Hero)… I have no desire to kill you.
Malek: My work is done here anyway. What I've done can't be undone.
Malek: Repairing the crystal will stop things from getting worse… but Greenguard will never be the same again.
Malek: I've put it permanently out of balance.
Hero: But… why?
Malek: For the good of our world— all of Lore.
Malek: I never thought I would see someone else in one of the Elemental Crossplanes. You're one to watch.
Malek: I get the feeling we'll be seeing a lot of each other.
Malek: Oh, and (Hero)… Things aren't always what they seem.
Malek: Don't trust anyone.

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