Malfunctioning Suits


James McAllister: So, you found the officer's suit, but it was empty? That's troubling.
Hero: I didn't find a body, though.
Hero: That's weird, right? He wouldn't be able to survive out here without his helmet.
James McAllister: Hmm. YOU'RE surviving out here without a helmet.
Hero: Yeah, that's an effect of the Moleportation, I guess.
James McAllister: An effect of the Mole-what?
Hero: …Nevermind.
James McAllister: My suit's been acting strangely since we got here.
James McAllister: Malfunctioning in minor but unpredictable ways. Probably from the same nanites that crashed the ship.
James McAllister: If that was happening to him, too…
Hero: Spell it out for me, McAllister. What is it you think happened?
James McAllister: I'm still piecing it together, <Hero>.
James McAllister: But it's been getting worse. I don't think we have much time.

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