Many Questions And Masks


Hero: What kind of party is this!?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): It is a party for monsters… of course.
Hero: If this is a party for monsters, why are there humans like me here!?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): It is impolite to go to a party without bringing some food.
Hero: Who is hosting the party?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): No one knows.
Hero: What?!
Hero: Why would you go to a party without knowing who is throwing it?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): You did.
Hero: But I am the hero!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): It is my job to walk into bad situations without a clue and solve problems in an epic way.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Oh, how wonderful!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): There are oh so many very hungry monsters here.
Hero: I'm not your snack!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): If you want to meet the host, you will have to summon them.
Hero: Do I have to summon it from inside some monster's belly?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): No, you just need to collect special masks.
Hero: How many masks?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Four masks in total…
Hero: Ok, I just need four masks?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Yes.
Hero: Easy! Where are they?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): They are currently being worn by four monstrous nobles.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): They will appear as human, of course.
Hero: Why?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Well, you dress up as monsters for Mogloween.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): It only makes sense that we monsters dress as… you.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): The power of the masks hides your true form.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): If you take off their masks, you will see what we truly are.
Hero: So… I just kill them and take the masks?
Hero: Because, last time I checked this is a MMORPG and full scale slaughter tends to be the universal solution.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): No!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): If you slay them, it disenchants the power of their mask!
Lady Garnett (Greeter): You need them… to give you their masks.
Hero: Fine. Earn the four masks. Got it.
Hero: But… what is the point of this monster party!?
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Excellent question. But alas, there is only one way to find out.
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Unmask all four of the nobles to reveal their true forms…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Then, and only then…
Lady Garnett (Greeter): Will the host will be revealed.

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