Mart O'Donnell

Overgrown Leprechaun
Ho hum, I'm in a bit of a pickle.

- 2022 Lucky Day Items
- What's wrong?

Aren't you too big to be a Leprechaun?
*Leprechauns come in all shapes and sizes!

Clover Crusaders?
Oh ya' want to go after the Clover Crusaders do you? I bet they still have those clover leaves they took as a down payment! They went off in a hurry… I believe they said they were looking in Greenguard Forest, the Livingstone Cave, the Bone Cliffs of Doomwood and Darkovia Forest… Truth be told they could be wandered off into even more places…

More locations?
Hmm, you might want to try looking in the Sandsea, the World Tree, Pointeless, the Yokai Forest, Frostvale, Arcangrove, or even The Dragon Graveyard.

- Retrieving Pots Without Gold

Location: Battleon Social District

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