Infuser and Quartermaster
Welcome, I carry with me a special stock of Lore's most prized equipment and I also have the ability to Infuse your existing items to grant them even more power!

- Augment Reroll!

Infuse your Items!
Do you wish to push the limits of your equipment? Use Gold and Infusion Runes to boost the power of your items!
Your older items will only require Gold to infuse them, but if you want to create the most powerful items using your newly acquired gear, you will require Infusion Runes.
- Infuse Now!

How do I get Infusion Runes?
Craft Infusion Runes by combining Inert Runes with the latest Capstones. Inert Runes can be gained by completing Daily Tasks once you have reached the maxed Level! Capstones are gained when you fill up each Experience Bar past the max Level.

- Infusion Runes and Capstones
- Nulgath Capstone Equipment
- Capstone Rewards

Sandsea Rewards
You can find the relics from Sandsea here. Purchase them with your Capstones.
- Sandsea Capstone Equipment
- Advanced Sandsea Capstone Equipment
- Legacy Sandsea Rewards

Location: Battleon Town Square

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