Meet Brutalcorn


Hero: Owww, that didn't go so well!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Wow, you sure took the cutest beating ever!
Brutalcorn (Unicorn Dude Bro): Sup! That <Class> geek doesn't even lift! Ha, ha, ha!
Hero: What… The Heck… Is that???
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Scanners indicate that Brutalcorn is… Beep, boop,beep… Their weird gym-bro leader.
Brutalcorn (Unicorn Dude Bro): Hey, Kim, why don't you ditch that skinny loser?
Brutalcorn (Unicorn Dude Bro): We got a real, swole motherboard for you to compute with!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): That does not compute.
Hero: What… is happening here??
Brutalcorn (Unicorn Dude Bro): Come at me, bro! Let's take this outside!
Hero: We're already outside!!

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