Meet George Lowe


George Lowe (Chronomancer): Hey there, champ! Looks like you've got some free time on your hands!
Hero: Hey! It's George Lowe!
Hero: What you are doing in Yulgar's Inn?
George Lowe (Chronomancer): Are you kidding? This is the best place to KILL TIME in AQ3D!
George Lowe (Chronomancer): That's why I'm wearing Chronomancer Class!
Hero: Sure, that checks out.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): So, you want to help out a time mage?
Hero: Yeah! What do I have to do?
George Lowe (Chronomancer): Just stand here.
Hero: Just stand here?
George Lowe (Chronomancer): Yep. Don't move a muscle.
Hero: I… guess I can do that.
Hero: But… why?
George Lowe (Chronomancer): You ever hear of those idle games, chief?
Hero: Sure.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): It's just like that! The only way to win is… to do nothing!
Hero: I don't think that's how idle games work.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): Well, it's how THIS one works.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): Don't think it's going to be easy, though!
George Lowe (Chronomancer): You'll have plenty of distractions coming your way.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): But you can't give into the temptation!
George Lowe (Chronomancer): Remember, the only way to win is -
Hero: Do nothing.
George Lowe (Chronomancer): You got it!

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