Meet Jonathan


Hero: Well, I brought you everything you asked for.
Hero: So, tell me… What's the plan, Evette?
Hero: …And who did you choose?
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): That's just it, <Hero>!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): I realized… A girl like me, skilled in the arts of Necromancy…
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): She doesn't HAVE to choose! She can have it all!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): The lovely eyes, the sensitive soul, AND the surprisingly intact biceps!
Hero: Oh, no… Evette, what did you do??
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): I made my OWN boyfriend, of course!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): <Hero>… Say hello to Jonathan!
Jonathan (Terrifying Boyfriend Construct): WAHHUAAAUUAUAUGHHH!
Hero: Uh oh. Does he sound kinda angry to you?
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): Ugh. Jonathan, be nice to the hero who brought us… "Together".
Jonathan (Terrifying Boyfriend Construct): HAUUUAAAUUAUAUGAHHH!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): I'm your GIRLFRIEND, Jonathan! You're supposed to obey me and do everything I say!
Hero: This does not seem like a healthy relationship…
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): Keeping the (dark) magic alive in a relationship requires a lot of work!
Evette (Lonely Necromancer): Say, <Hero>…. Would you have a little talk to him? (Before he destroys the place)
Hero (Undead Relationship Counselor): Sure. Jonathan, I'm going to have to ask you to step outside.

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