Meet KIMBr:L3


Hero: Wh…? Where am I?
Hero: What happened?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Oh, hi <Hero>!
Hero: Whoa… That sounds like… Kimberly Freeman?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Impressive that you noticed since there are no audible lines in this dialog!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): I mean. What? No! I'm KIMBr:L3, your ship's computer!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Don't you remember what happened?
Hero: …I have a ship?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Yep! A really cool spaceship! But we've crash landed on this moon.
Hero: …Okay, I'll play along.
Hero: How did we crash, Kim?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Well, being a fantasy hero, you didn't put any points into spaceship piloting.
Hero: Then why would you let me fly?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): I didn't. I let you crash.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Oooh! Scanners have detected life forms on this M-class moon.
Hero: Lifeforms… like aliens?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): More like unicorn ponies! With big, rainbow horns. Sounds cool, right?
Hero: Actually, yeah. It kinda does.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Uh no! Sensors indicate that a swarm of ponies are charging the ship.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): Maybe they're friendly? Oops, I was wrong. Scanners indicate they are carnivorous.
Hero: This isn't happening. It must be some kind of fever dream.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): It's happening, <Hero>.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer): You get to make FIRST CONTACT!

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