Meet Matt


Hero: What in the hell is this fever induced nightmare of a map?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): This is ground zero of an outbreak…
Matt (Charlie's Manager): An outbreak of… the Moistverse!
Hero: The whaaa-now?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Have you heard of the streamer, MoistCr1TiKaL?
Chelsey (Video Editor): Or maybe his Youtube channel… Penguinz0?
Danny (Videographer): Or his real name… Charlie?
Chelsey (Video Editor): The "Woooo…. Yeah Baby!" guy who always wears a white t-shirt?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Doesn't matter.
Matt (Charlie's Manager): We thought this whole stupid thing was shut down.
Matt (Charlie's Manager): And now it's here….
Matt (Charlie's Manager): If we don't stop it, it's gonna spread to your entire world.
Hero: What's going to spread?
Everyone: The Moistverse!
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Where everyone turns into a…. a… Charlie.
Hero: Oh.
Hero: Well…
Hero: Good luck with that.
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Wait!
Matt (Charlie's Manager): I'm Matt. MoistCr1TiKaL's manager.
Hero: I know. It says it right under your name in the speech bubble.
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Help me shut this down, and I'll reward you.
Hero: What sort of reward?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): How about 10,000 gold?
Hero: Eh. Do you know how worthless gold is in this game's economy?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Uh… ok then.
Matt (Charlie's Manager): How about an exclusive emote?
Hero: AN EMOTE!?
Hero: Hell yeah. I'm in!
Hero: What do I do first?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): First, you're gonna need protection.
Hero: A hazmat suit?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): Uh, yeah.. you're gonna need one of those too.
Hero: So….. uh… where do I get one of those?
Matt (Charlie's Manager): This is an MMORPG, so let's start by murdering things.

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