Meet Moe

Locations/Replays: Moe Shroom - Dragon Graveyard

Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): Greetings, stranger! Welcome to Moe Shroom's Crafting Outpost!
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): I'm Moe. What can I get you?
Hero: Uh… Hi. I'm <Hero>.
Hero: Alata told me I to come to you for some spore pods infused with dragon magic.
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): Sure, here ya go.
Hero: Thanks! You're a lot more friendly than the other mushroom people here.
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): Don't mind them. They are just protective of our home.
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): Some of them are rotten bust mostly they're alright.
Hero: So, you handle the crafting around here?
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): Yes! If you need some items crafted, come to me and I'll set you up!
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): You bring the materials and a little gold and I handle the rest!
Hero: Alright, I will. Do I owe you anything for the spore pod?
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): Nah. I know Alata. She's good for it.
Moe Shroom (Mushmen Trader): Remember, if you need to craft something, COME TO MOE!

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