Meet Robina (1)


Note: Previously called "Robina's Tale".

Hero: What's up, Link?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): I'm Robina the Hood!
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): I steal from the rich…
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): …and give to the monsters.
Hero: I always wondered how all of that gold got on them.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Yes, but recently the monsters here started going berserk.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): There is an enchantment on these woods that's supposed to protect town.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): It's part of the reason that the Guardian Tower was built here.
Hero: Seems like you need a better enchantment.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): The enchantment is failing. I don't know why… Yet.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Listen, I need your help.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): I'll stay here and keep the monsters from moving into town.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Can you find out what's going on here and fix it?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): You should start by defending town from the frogzards and their pack leader, the Megazard.
Hero: You can count on me!

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