Meet Zakaru The Caretaker

Locations/Replays: Caretaker's Tower (Lower Level)

Hero: Is that Zakaru?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Yes, that's him. Thank goodness he's alright!
Hero: What… is he?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): He's the Caretaker.
Hero: I know that but WHAT IS HE?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): He's a Drakel Necromancer.
Hero: What's a Drak… wait, there's a NECROMANCER in charge of DEAD STUFF?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): He's a Light Necromancer.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): He works with the dead. Helps them move on. Doesn't enslave them.
Hero: What is he doing? What's with the force field?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): It looks like… it can't be….
Alata (Fairy Dragon): He's the one capturing the spirits!
Hero: He must be the one who hired the Defilers!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): I can't believe this!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): I trusted that Drakel bastard! We all did!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): <Hero>, you need to find a way past his force field.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Zakaru must DIE!
COMING SOON! ZAKARU MUST DIE! The Dragon Graveyard Part 2.

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