Meeting Aldric


Aldric (Guardian Highlord): No villager fights like that. Who are you?
Hero: My name is <Hero>. What's going on here?
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): I am Guardian Highlord Aldric. Dragonwatch Village is under attack by the Voidrakar Host.
Hero: The Voidrakar Host?
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): These void creatures are the army of followers of Vane, the Voidking.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): They've been becoming more active lately. We don't know why.
Hero: I think I might.
Hero: I just met Vane coming out of the Land of the Dead.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): Vane has returned?! That's important news that the Guardian Tower will need to hear.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): But first things first, we need to save this village.
Hero: Tell me how I can help.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): I was hoping you would say that.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): While my battalion holds back the void minions, see if you can help the villagers stuck in the battle.
Hero: I'm on it.

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