Meeting Aquella


???: You fight well… for a topsider.
Hero: You're not so bad yourself, uh…
Hero: Sorry, I didn't catch your name?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): You may call me Aquella, Leader of King Nautilus's Royal Guard and Protector of Atlantis.
Hero: Well, I am <Hero>, <Class>, and all-around do-gooder, at your service.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): "Do-gooder"? That's a matter of perspective, isn't it?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Don't we all think we're on the side of good?
Hero: Fair point… But I can assure you, that my friends and I mean no harm to you or your people.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Friends?
Captain Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): Ahoy, <Hero>! You'll never believe the treasure I've found around this place.
Captain Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): *Gasp* A WATER ELF?! They be real?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): A pirate in Atlantis?! Stealing our treasure?!
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Guards! Seize the topsiders!
Hero: Whoa-whoa-whoa! This is all a big misunderstanding, right, Captain?
Captain Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): Oh, yes, uh, you see…
Captain Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): On the mainland, we have this thing called finders keepers, where…
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Not only are you stealing from my people, but now you're insulting my intelligence?
Hero: What my friend mean to say is that this place look abandoned and, well, a pirate's gonna pirate.
Captain Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): Exactly! In my defense, your people have very fine belongings…
Captain Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): Perhaps you can se my plunderin' as a compliment.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): So now it's our fault for having nice things?
Hero: Look, Aquella, my friend's recent actions aside, I assure you that we aren't here to steal from you.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Then why are you here?
Hero: We're look for the last piece of Sea God's Trident.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): What business do the likes of you have with the Trident?
Hero: We want to put the Trident back together and, with it, possibly calm the between the Pirates and the Ninjas.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): How noble of you…
Hero: I already have two of the three pieces, and I know the last piece is here.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): I see… your search may be of interest to the King.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): *Sigh* I can't believe I'm doing this…
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): If you return all the stolen goods, then I'll consider letting you speak with the King.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): And that Pirate better keep his hands to himself from now on or they'll be chopped off and fed to the eels!
Captain Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): I've never been a fan of hook-hands, so I'll take your threatening words to heart.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Just return the stolen goods already. I've got other matters to attend to right now.

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