Meeting Auden


Auden (Traveling Merchant): So the guardian reports were true.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): The Heartwood has gone insane…
Hero: Did you say the Guardians!?
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Yes. I'm Auden and I run supplies from the guardian tower to various outposts.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): These supplies are for the guardian camp just ahead.
Hero: The guardians only take on the most important and most dangerous tasks.
Hero: Whatever is going on in Heartwood must be bigger than some angry plants.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): You'd have to ask them about that.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): Thanks for saving my supplies… and my neck.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): I'm going to go get set up in the camp.
Auden (Traveling Merchant): When you arrive, talk to Guardian Beckett. He's the platoon's leader.
Hero: I will. Thanks Auden.

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