Meeting Barnacle Bill


???: Argh! Darn fish! I'll be out here all day at this rate.
???: And what do you want?
???: Wait — You're a topsider?! No wonder the fish are erratic. They're spooked by your scent!
Hero: Aren't YOU spooked by seeing a "topsider" at the bottom of the ocean?
???: Ha! From a puny thing like you? I've fished things twice your size and ten times as ugly.
Hero: Puny?!
???: What are you doing here anyway?
Hero: Pearl sent me to look for any Atlantians who are lost.
???: Well, the only thing lost here is my patience for catching these darn fish.
???: At this rate I'll be out here for days.
Hero: Well, maybe I can help.
???: Pfft, what does a topsider know about fishing?
???: Then again, I could always use an extra hand, what with my assistant having his head stuck in the clouds… Whatever those are.
???: So, you want to help me catch fish? Fine. Meet me back at Atlantis.
Hero: You're heading back to the city then?
???: Yeah, yeah. I'm out of bait anyways.
Barnacle Bill (Fisherman): The name's Barnacle Bill. And I guess I'll be seeing ya.

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