Meeting Blue Bart


Blue Bart (Tavern Co-Owner): Ahoy, mate. What can I get for yeh?
Hero: Hi, I'm <hero>.
Hero: Gunpowder Mary sent me over to take care of something for you.
Blue Bart (Tavern Co-Owner): I'm Blue Bart, owner of this here tavern, the Drowned Fish.
Happy Fisk (Tavern Co-Owner):CO-owner…
Blue Bart (Tavern Co-Owner): Right, CO-owner. This here's me partner, Happy.
Happy Fisk (Tavern Co-Owner): I'm also the island's brewmeister and best cook.
Happy Fisk (Tavern Co-Owner): I makes the drinks and food and he serves 'em.
Hero: Nice to meet you. How can I help?
Blue Bart (Tavern Co-Owner): It's this new crew that came into port.
Happy Fisk (Tavern Co-Owner): This is a pirate town so we expect a little noise…
Blue Bart (Tavern Co-Owner): … But this crew is going too wild.
Happy Fisk (Tavern Co-Owner): Normally I'd give 'em a thump and set them straight…
Blue Bart (Tavern Co-Owner): … But there's just too many of 'em.
Hero: Don't worry, guys. I'll put them in their place.

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