Meeting Cleric What


Cleric What (Chronomancer): You!
Hero: …Me?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Where have you been? I've been waiting for… months? Years? I can't remember.
Hero: I'm sorry, WHO the heck are YOU?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): No! I'm not WHO. I'm WHAT!
Hero: …Huh?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Is there wax in your ears? I'm not WHO and I'm not HUH. I'm WHAT!
Hero: …What are you even talking about?
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Exactly. That's me! I'm Cleric What.
Hero: Oh, man, this is giving me a headache!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Bah! This cursed place!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): You must be yet another of these fiends sent to torment me.
Hero: I promise I'm not. I'm just really confused.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Then it seems this blasted realm has vexed your mind.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): You know, we met some time ago in this very spot.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): You vowed yo help me escape!
Hero: I did?
Hero: …I don't remember meeting you.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): (Sigh)
Cleric What (Chronomancer): As I explained to you before… you must traverse this… this… ENDLESS VEX.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Go through the Time Portal when you reach its center.
Hero: Oh, great. Time travel stuff.
Hero: I just hope I don't get stuck in some sort of time loop.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Oh, it's too late for that now… you already are!
Hero: What? Augh! This is so confusing!
Cleric What (Chronomancer): I know! I've been trapped in these tunnels for what feels like eons.
Hero: That's what you keep saying.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Yes, of course! I'm caught in the time loop, too.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): If only you can defeat the dreaded Time Beast at the heart of this place.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Then, you will gain access to the Time Portal and free us both!
Hero: Okay! There's the kind of specific instructions I needed.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Ah… so naive and optimistic.
Hero: What can I say? I have time to kill.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Yes, you quite literally do. I shall wait for you here, <Hero>.
Cleric What (Chronomancer): Please, hurry. Essence is of the time!

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