Meeting Constantine


Constantine: What are you doing here, <hero> ?
Hero: Your sister sent me!
Hero: She has a plan for peace between the Lycans and Vampires.
Constantine: Safiria? She's alive?!
Constantine: I thought the ancient spirit of the queen took her body over!
Hero: It didn't take her over… It merged with her.
Hero: It's a long story. I'll tell you when you get me out of here.
Constantine: I can't get you out of the Coliseum.
Constantine: Only you can do that.
Hero: What?!
Constantine: Gladiators have to win their freedom by defeating the current champion.
Constantine: There's nothing I can do.
Hero: Who is the current champ?
Constantine: His name is Ragnar. He is one of the lawless Warwolves who don't follow Lucianus Rex…
Constantine: You only have to survive a few more rounds then you can face him.
Constantine: But once you win your freedom, you'll be free to walk around the Lycan conclave as if you were a Werewolf yourself.
Hero: I guess the only way our is through.
Constantine: You can do this, <hero>.

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