Meeting Darxie


Darxie (Fiend(stress)): Oh, are you new here? How enticing!
Hero: Oh, no. Not another of you guys.
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): No, wait! Don't go!
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): I've been stuck up here all alone for weeks! The loneliness is unbearable.
Hero: How did you even get up here?
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): The same way you did, I assume. Trying to uncover beautiful Evangelina's dark secrets…
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): She didn't like my answers much. I'm staying up here until she calms down.
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): But now you're here! You can keep me company, can't you?
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): You're such a strong and interesting traveler.
Hero:* Uh… Well… I don't think red-eyed fiends are my type…
Darxie (Fiend(stress)):** Are you sure? A strong, confident <Class> is totally my weakness.
Hero: …Pretty sure, yeah.
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): Sigh. Fine, have it your way.
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): I'll just have to get back in Evangelina's good graces, then.
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): Maybe you'd want to help me with that?
Hero: Uh. Okay. What do I have to do?
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): Hmm. Girls love gems, right? I mean, don't we all?
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): A gem of the Archfiend. Yes, that will surely win her over.
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): I happen to know of one here in Seleden Forest.
Darxie (Fiend(stress)): A powerful <Class> like you should have no trouble obtaining it.

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