Meeting Gluttonia


Hero: Uh… so, you're Gluttonia, right?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): Oh! What a tasty morsel YOU are.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): But you're barely a snack… you'd hardly be worth the effort.
Hero: Hey! I am NOT for eating!
Hero: I'm actually looking for a way out of here. Can you help?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): You'll have to go through the Ravenous Maw.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): I can open it for you… but you'll have to work for it.
Hero: Sure. Just tell me what to do.
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): I'm hungry, traveler. Bring me something tasty, and perhaps I'll repay you with a favor.
Hero: Right. I bet I can guess what you think is "tasty".
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): I hunger for the sweet taste of rotting meat…
Hero: Oh, gross. Why?
Gluttonia (Devourer of Souls): If you're a good little traveler, I'll share it with you and let you see for yourself.
Hero: Guh. No, thank you. It's ALL yours.
Hero: One rotting pile of (ugh) non-vegetarian fiend supplement, coming right up.

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