Meeting Hooper


Hooper (Miller): HOLD IT! Stop right where you are! Who sent you?!
Hooper (Miller): Was it the Myriad Knights? The Crimson Circle? The Guild of Pastry Chefs? The Crafty Bartfarkels?
Hero: Easy, Hooper. Little Dread sent me.
Hero: My name is <hero> and I'm looking for The Cure. She said you might know if it's real.
Hooper (Miller): The Cure? Oh, it's real alright. And I know where to find it!
Hero: You DO?! That's GREAT! Can you…
Hooper (Miller): Not that anyone believes me. They all think I'm CRAAAAAAAZY.
Hooper (Miller): Why are you looking at me like that?
Hooper (Miller): ARE YOU READING MY MIND?!
Hooper (Miller): Did the Lychimera send you because I know the truth?
Hero: What's a Lychimera?
Hooper (Miller): A monstrous creature with the legs of a werewolf, the chest of a lycan and the head of wolf.
Hooper (Miller): It's part man, part wolf!
Hero: so… a werewolf?
Hooper (Miller): I'm starting to lean that direction, yeah.
Hooper (Miller): Well, at least you're honest about it.
Hooper (Miller): If you want The Cure then help me prove that I'm not insane.
Hooper (Miller): Help me prove that the Lychimera is REAL and I'll draw you a map to The Cure.
Hero: Alright. Where do we start?
Hooper (Miller): We're going to need to bait the beast out in the open with some Wolfsbreath Incense.
Hooper (Miller): ShadowSlayer W should have some.

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