Meeting Lin'del


Hero: Hey, are you…
???: Shhhhhh… Quiet or you'll -
«*Skittering noise*»
Hero: Oh, wow, that crab is fast.
???: Ugh… I've been chasing after it for days!
???: Do you know how it is to track down an Alabaster Stone Crab at this time of year?
Hero: Judging from your tone, I'm going to guess really hard?
???: Correct.
???: *Sigh* All my hard work for nothing. Might as well call it quits.
Hero: Well, now I feel bad. Any way I can help?
???: Sure, just go about and find me one of those crabs you scared off.
Hero: Okay.
???: Wait, are you serious, or is this some sort of advanced sarcasm that you topsiders have mastered?
Hero: I genuinely feel bad for messing up… Whatever it is you're doing out here.
???: Well, in that case, I will gladly accept your help.
Lin'del (Wildlife Tamer): The name's Lin'del, Atlantis's resident Wildlife Tamer.
Lin'del (Wildlife Tamer): And if you plan on finding that crab again, you'll need my guidance.
Lin'del (Wildlife Tamer): Come see me in Atlantis when you're ready to begin.

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