Meeting Malthas


Malthas (Dragon General): You! You have no idea what you've done!
Hero: Sure we do.
Essa (DragonSlayer): We saved a town full of people from being food for a dragon like you.
Malthas (Dragon General): Like me? HA! The Great Fire Dragon is NOTHING like me!
Malthas (Dragon General): I have killed thousands of your kind. I am a conqueror… a beast of legend…
Malthas (Dragon General): … But I am nothing compared to the Great Fire Dragon.
Malthas (Dragon General): I am a mere candle flame while he… he burns like the sun!
Malthas (Dragon General): But why am I wasting my time explaining to you?
Malthas (Dragon General): You are food. Nothing more.
Essa (DragonSlayer): My brother and I joined the DragonSlayer Order to keep Lore safe from dragons like you.
Essa (DragonSlayer): You will never touch another human again. I'll see to that.
Hero: No… this one is mine!

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