Meeting Mawmy'Tha


Hero: Farfa sent me here to meet up with an agent of the Legion named Mawmy'Tha, is that you?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): Oh my, You're straight to the point, aren't you? How did you know?
Hero: You're wearing black and blue and look vaguely villain-like. The only reason I'm not one hundred percent sure is the fact you're not wearing skulls.
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): Oh ho ho, Well yes. I am Mawmy'Tha… If Farfa sent you he must have you looking for the missing Ravagers. I know where they are… But I want you do do something for me first.
Hero: Oh, what would you like me to do?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): Ehehe, I'd like you to seek out a monster known as… Skullborne, Harbinger of the Illuminated. Then you will battle with him and bring me his skull!
Hero: Woah he sounds powerful! I thought I was just running some errands but now we're talking about some group called the Illuminated?
Hero: What are the Illuminated? Are they from the plane of light?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): No.
Hero: Invaders from another dimension?!
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): No.

Hero: Okay well, what are they?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): Oh, you know those glow-in-the-dark skeleton decorations you see at Mogloween?
Hero: …Yes?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): They were inspired by the Illuminated Skeletons. Skullborne is the last of his kind.

Hero: Why would you want his skull? Does it have some sort of powerful magic to it?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): No.
Hero: Does it at least look cool?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): …No.
Hero: Okay, I've got to ask then… Why do you want Skullborne's Skull?
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): Very well, you do deserve to know why I desire the skull of Skullborne…
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): You see… With Skullborne being the last of his kind… His skull…
Mawmy'Tha (Agent of the Legion): is very RARE! Exclusive even!
Hero: Oh… well, I guess I'll go find him for you.

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