Meeting Muninn


Hero: What do you think of Mr. Hootenheim?
Muninn (Bank Guard): Old Hoots is a great boss!
Muninn (Bank Guard): Oh, but don't tell him I called him that.
Hero: The other guard doesn't seem to like working here.
Muninn (Bank Guard): Ignore my brother. He thinks too much.
Muninn (Bank Guard): But I remember what it was like before we joined the ornithon banking cartel.
Muninn (Bank Guard): Not enough food. Always fighting for scraps. No nest of our own.
Muninn (Bank Guard): This is way better and most of the people we meet in Battleon are really nice!
Muninn (Bank Guard): I just wish the kids would stop throwing seeds at us.
Hero: I guess it's pretty rude to assume you all like seeds just because you're birds.
Muninn (Bank Guard): It's not that. I love seeds!
Muninn (Bank Guard): But how would you feel if people threw sandwiches at you wherever you went?

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