Meeting Myx


Myx (Magic Cauldron): Get out of here.
Hero: Whoa. You're a talking cauldron!
Myx (Magic Cauldron): And you're a very observant person!
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Are we done stating the obvious about each other?
Hero: Sorry. I just don't remember seeing you around before.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): No, I'm new. New neighbours, yay!
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Now, leave.
Hero: You sure are in a hurry to get rid of me.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Again, master of the obvious over here. Listen, I'm really busy.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): I'm trying to come up with a plan to save your world, so unless you feel like facing unspeakable evil… move along.
Hero: Maybe I can help.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): …Seriously? You… you want to help me?
Hero: Sure. I'm good with weapons and I'm always ready for a fight.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Wow. Um… GREAT! I'm Myx. Sorry I was so rude. I just don't have a lot of time.
Hero: Tell me about this evil.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Soon. But first I need you to take care of some things in the house…

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